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The information on this site, including share amounts, cost basis, market value, and all other financial information and statistics, is prepared based upon information Hartline Investment Corp. believes to be correct and up-to-date, but Hartline cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data.

There may be delays in receiving data from certain custodians/brokers, and thus records may not match those of the custodian/broker's own records. Also, Hartline uses "trade date" for all records whereas the custodians and brokers may use settlement date, trade date, or both which may also cause confusion.

Certain custodians/brokers have provided Hartline with daily transaction information eletronically transmitted to Hartline's accounting systems. These currently include Charles Schwab, Northern Trust, LaSalle/ABN AMRO Bank, National Advisors Trust Company, Private Bank, and Bank One.

If you are using another custodian, we receive information monthly from them and must wait for the hard-copy reports in order to reconcile any changes. Hartline does input buy and sell securities transactions in all accounts on an interim basis.

You should always use you custodian/broker statements as the "official" record because Hartline does not have custody. In situations where our records do not match, Hartline makes every attempt to discover and have the discrepancy corrected, but Hartline cannot guarantee the statement's accuracy on this site. Please check with Hartline or your custodian before making a financial decision utilizing this information.

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